KCL Camp

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Approximately 6 miles North of Traver ranch at N 35° 05.548' W 119° 43.769' you'll come to KCL Camp turnoff. The road exits Soda Lake Road to the West. Look for this old water wagon.
This is the entrance looking Northwest along Soda Lake Road. Note the water tank on the hill behind the wagon. "KCL" is not potassium chloride in this case. The initials stand for Kern County Land Company.
The campsite, nestled under the trees in the arroyo at left center, is visible from the road. It's about .3 miles back into the camp. One way in, one way out. The camp is at N35° 05.437' W 119° 44.093'
There are 8 picnic tables and 8 fire pits available. There are no designated parking spaces, but there is lots of room for your vehicles. There are no designated camp areas either, although there is a concrete pad next to the privvies. Uh... no.
There are two privvies at KCL. There is no potable water and no trash pick up, so 'pack it in, pack it out'. Reservations are not taken. First come, first served.
At the back of the campground is an information kiosk with a 'donation' box. Chip in.
Also found at the rear of the camp is a set of old corrals and barns. The buildings are in disrepair and probably should be avoided. The corrals are available for use if you ride the kind of motorcycle that has to be fed hay.