Sites of Geologic Interest on the Carrizo Plain
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pick up a pdf copy of the self -guided geologic tour of the area (from So. Cal. Earthquake Center)
This is Wallace Creek. The site is located off Elkhorn Road, 1.2 miles South of the Simmler Road intersection, and 9.0 miles North of Panorama Road. The parking area is at N 35° 16.049' W 119° 49.625' .

There are two self-guided tours of the site. Pamphlets are generally available at the parking area or you can download one in pdf format. Wallace creek straddles the fault. The East side (right in this picture) is on the North American Tectonic Plate and the West side is on the Pacific Plate. The site here is 500 yards up from the parking area.

This is a small sag pond along the fault. To locate it, proceed South from Wallace Creek 1.3 miles. Look for this road to the East (note the old drum over the paddle marker) at N 35° 15.190' W 119° 48.934' .Travel about 3/4 mile up the road to N 35° 15.6317' W 119° 48.643' . The Road dead-ends shortly beyond. The middle of the pond is at N 35° 15.392' W 119° 48.719' .There are other sag ponds in the area such as this one behind the kiosk at the South entrance to the monument.
This cone is located on Soda Lake Road, on the West side near BLM's Washburn Administrative site, about 9 miles South of the Goodwin Education Center. Here is another shot of the cone, taken from Soda Lake Road looking North West. I'm not certain this is a cinder cone. Some geologic sources refer to it as a volcanic neck that has eroded into this shape, and I'm not geologist enough to make a positive determination. If you know, email me!
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