Cochora Ranch

aerial map# 24

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The Cochora Ranch has two entrances off Elkhorn Road. One is at N 35° 06.546 W 119° 36.425' . This entrance comes more or less straight down the draw behind the derrick. Just behind the fence in the background is a road that runs to the left, between the fence and the low hill there. This road ends up back on Elkhorn as well at N 35° 06.246 W 119° 36.250', and constitutes the other entrance. You will note that the first 500 yards or so of that road has remnants of paving. That road is kind of fun, but short. There is one spot where there is a washout, but easily passable.
The derrick above was for a water well, not oil. The tin shed next to it contains a gasoline powered pump. This is really kind of a nifty old place to visit.
There are some other old buildings on the ranch. This is looking North from the position of the motocycle above. The windmill still works and was humming peacefully in the breeze while I was there. There is no outlet to the rear of this ranch, but the old buildings are interesting, and conjure up all kinds of thoughts and dreams of a different era. Worth the short ride up.