Elkhorn-Soda Lake Crossover

(Aerial map # 11 )

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I don't know the name of this road, so for now it's the Elkhorn-Soda Lake Crossover.

It runs from N 35° 02.283 W 119° 33.472' , a point about .6 miles North of the Padrone Canyon road intersection on Soda Lake Road, to this point on Elkhorn Road at N 35° 03.717 W 119° 32.233' It's about 8 miles from here back to Soda Lake Road via Elkhorn.

The road, barely visible in this picture, is steeper in places than it looks, probably steep enough to take it beyond the 'beginner' rating. It doesn't seem quite so steep on the other side though. Up on top there is something of a plateau with great views. There are a couple of old water tanks up there and plenty of room to pull off and rest up. You may have to jam yourself through some tumbleweeds on this side that sometimes choke the road going across the flats here.
It always bugs me to see grafitti like this screwing up the serenity. I always wonder just what I'd do if I happened to catch someone doing this. None the less, the view from atop this hill is cool. This view looks Southeast toward Elkhorn Road.
How can you NOT want to preserve a view like this. Precious few places like the Carrizo remain in California. It's up to us to ride responsibly to make sure it remains available.
Photos on this page were taken 2/22/03 10 days after an inch or so of rain out here. Most roads are in great shape, but a "Road Closed" sign remains in place at Elkhorn and Soda Lake intersection. There is no sign at the intersections of this crossover road and either Soda Lake or Elkhorn though! I went out via Elkhorn to Soda Lake and had no trouble at all.