Campsites in the National Monument

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Although you can car camp just about anywhere in the foothill areas as long as you follow the rules, there are only two designated campsites within the National Monument: KCL and Selby. Both campsites have privvies.

In all cases, there is NO potable water and no trash pickup. If you pack it in, you are expected to pack it out.

Both KCL (N35° 05.437' W 119° 44.093') and Selby (N35° 07.699' W 119° 50.457')camps have privvies, picnic tables, shade and information kiosks.

Gasoline is available in nearby communities of Taft, Maricopa, Ventucopa and New Cuyama. There are cafes in all three locations, with food markets and motels in Taft, Maricopa and New Cuyama.

Click here for KCL Camp
Click here for Selby Camp
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