Painted Rock Site

(Aerial Map #6)

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Accessible from the Goodwin Education Center, the Painted Rock monolith was used by Native Americans as a ceremonial site. The site is only open to the public between July 16 and March 1. Check BLM's site for tours.
The rock forms a natural amphitheater. It is easy to realize why the Chumash that inhabited the area would select this location as a meeting place. There is a new interpretive sign along the trail out to the rock from the parking area. Find out more about the Chumash here.

To visit the site, ride to the Education Center, then take the road South to a parking area. There is a privvy here, and you have about a 10-minute walk out to the rock. You can't ride all the way to it.

The site contains numerous examples of rock art. Please don't contribute your own! Natural weathering processes will destroy what remains soon enough without our help.
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