Guy L. Goodwin

Education Center

(Aerial Map #6)

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The entrance to the education center is at N 35° 11.413' W 119° 51.271' 0.8 miles South of Simmler Road on Soda Lake Road. Visit BLM's page for the Center.
The entrance to the center is well marked as "Visitor Center". The road in is sandy, not paved. This is a great place to begin your dual-sport tour of the national monument.
The education center is visible from the road.
This plaque is on the south side of the main building. It describes the Painted Rock site which is accessible only from the center, and only during certain periods of the year.
The education center is open December through May. Thursday through Sunday, 9:00am - 5:00pm. There are maps, books and information available regarding all aspects of the National Monument. There are picnic tables and privvies here, but no potable water and no trash pickup. There is a short self-guided nature hike around the facility that has much of the local flora identified for you.
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