Simmler Road

(Aerial map # 4 )

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6 mile long Simmler Road connects Soda Lake and Elkhorn roads. You can pick it up at a N 35° 12.112' W 119° 51.448' , point 0.8 miles North of the Goodwin Education Center. The road sign indicates "Simmler Soda Lake San Diego Cr. Rd". Hmmm...take your pick I guess.

The first 200 feet of the road is paved, but becomes dirt after that. Believe the sign! The road passes over a dike that exists between two portions of Soda Lake. This section gets extremely boggy when wet. On the day I photographed this road (01/18/03) about 3 weeks had passed since the last rain, which had raised the area's total to about 2.75 inches for the season. The road was hard and firm at this time.

The views of Soda Lake at right and below are from a point less than a mile in from Soda Lake Road.-->
The shots here were taken in mid-January. The panorama above is looking South, and the photo at left is looking north from the same spot. While there was water at this time in the Southern portion, only a couple of pools were visible in the Northern section. The area had experienced about 2.5 inches of rain for the season at this time. This is a Saltbush Scrub plant community. The white material is largely sodium sulfate.
About halfway across the Plain, there is a stock water source with a large tank, barely visible in this shot. A barbed wire fence crosses the road at this point, and there is a wire gate that is sometimes closed. Expect it to be closed if you see cattle. Close the gate after passing through.
This is the connection of Simmler and Elkhorn roads. N 35° 17.008' W 119° 50.397' . Looking South here you can travel all the way over to Maricopa via the Elkhorn Grade, or end up back at Soda Lake Road 3 miles from Hwy. 166. Travelling just a short 3.0 mile ride to the North you'll reach 7 Mile Road near Hwy 58. 1.4 miles South is Wallace Creek. This is a spot of great geological interest where a short hike takes you to a location where the creek crosses the fault and has been offset several hundred feet.10.2 miles South from here, you'll come to the Panorama Road intersection. This is another 6 mile ride back to Soda Lake Road at a point near the BLM Admin site.
Continuing South on Elkhorn Road 35 miles South from this intersection is the Soda Lake-Elkhorn intersection near the South end of the Monument.
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