Quail Springs Road

(Aerial map # 13 )

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Quail Springs Road leaves Soda Lake Road from a point 2 miles North of the Pipeline Road junction at N35° 00.909' W119° 31.378'. The road is graded and not gravelly. It ends at a hilltop that provides a great view of the Carrizo.
There's a wire gate partway up the road. Leave it in the position you found it..open or closed. Beyond this gate, up and over the hill behind and around to the South you'll come to a major fork. The North fork takes you 0.1 to a gate and over to Padrone Canyon.
This composite is looking East from the gate above, heading back down to Soda Lake Road.
Beyond the gate, just after the Padrone fork you come to the fork that goes over to Pipeline Canyon Road. If you bear to the right you get up to this summit. It's about 1.6 miles from the Pipeline fork. Bearing left takes you to Pipeline Road.
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A couple of more views of the Carrizo from the summit.